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Original character art by the website owner • blogs about art and hobbies • photos of figures, collectables - even fun, geeky "vs" scenes • shots from art and hobby stores

Manga books discussion

geeky computer stuff like how to build a Hackintosh, how to delete your Facebook account, and other good stuff...

World of Warcraft and Hobby Gaming Discussion/Links - World of Warcraft crossover images.

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Realms of Fantasy's original Mature Art and Hobby Blog
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Anime and manga, original characters, hobbies, games, World of Warcraft discussion, etc. is back online after a brief "hiatus" and site revamp.

The official website of his original character Nyrva Dragonwood and other related characters. Relating to the art and fiction surrounding the characters.

The site has converted to PG rated - No adult material.

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Gallery page of - the only part of the site that is "grandfathered" from (not subject to) the site's "PG rated" policy.


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jade dragon (jadedragon, jadedragon72, jadedragon999)
nyrvachan (a derivative of "Nyrva Dragonwood" - to promote the character)