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Being swallowed or otherwise inserted into a creature. This can include the whole body or just body parts. While typically this insertion is done through ingestion, it can also include vaginal or anal insertion, or undefined body features of monsters, tentacle monsters, or plants.
The creature ingesting is referred to as "predator" while the victim of the act is usually the "prey".


soft vore - Light vore without blood or visible digestion (→ light vore)
hard vore - Extreme vore including blood, gore, or visible digestion

vore in vore - Prey inside a predator is predator to different prey ("double vore")

same size vore - Creatures parttaking in the scene are same-sized

consensual vore - Prey is willingly being swallowed or otherwise ingested
unwilling vore - Prey (and/or predator) is not willing to be ingested (or to ingest)


absorption vore - Absorption through skin, fluids or other means
  • soul vore - Absorption or digestion of a soul
anal vore - Being swallowed into the anus whole (alias reverse vore)
breast vore - Being swallowed into or through one/multiple breasts (can imply absorption vore / absorption / nipple vore / cleavage vore)
  • nipple vore - Being being swallowed through the nipple
  • cleavage vore - Being swallowed inbetween breasts
cock vore - Being swallowed through a penis whole (can imply futanari) (→ penis vore)
  • cum vore - Usually the result of cock vore, implies state change or digestion into cum (→ testicular vore)
  • urethral vore - Vore through the urethra
  • testicular vore - Vore with testicles functioning as digestive system (→ cum vore)
oral vore - Being ingested through a mouth/orally
tail vore - Being swallowed through a hole/mouth in a tail
unbirthing - The act of partially or wholly inserting another creature into the vagina, usually concluding with that creature inhabiting the uterus. Relevant body parts of the host typically expand to accommodate the act. Often involves a return to the uterus (→ pussy vore / unbirth / vaginal vore)
hair vore - Capturing prey or vore by digestion inside of hair
navel vore - Ingestion through the navel
cooking vore - Ingestion of cooked creatures or parts (can imply gore, blood, [[snuff])

creature vore
plant vore


imminent vore - Before vore in terms of time (→ before vore / impending vore)
post vore - After vore in terms of time
implied vore - Inflation, dialogue or movement implies vore

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