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Being swallowed or otherwise inserted into a creature. This can include the whole body or just body parts.
Types of Vore

oral vore - A character being eaten, the traditional way.
absorption vore - A specific vore subtype where one character absorbs another.
breast vore - A character swallowed into one or both breasts. (see nipple vore)
cock vore - A character swallowed into the penis whole.
unbirthing - Functionally similar to the phrase "pussy vore"
anal vore - A character swallowed into the anus whole.
tail vore - A character swallowed into a hole in the tail

soft vore - A light vore without digestion, not including death or suffering of the victim.
hard vore - An extreme vore. Blood, gore, etc.

imminent vore - Vore that hasn't happened, but is going to happen...very soon.
post vore - The time period immediately after a vore act.

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