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Describes the type of body fluid produced by female genitalia under a state of arousal to both enable the harmless penetration of the vagina and chemically protect its vaginal flora through its acidity.
While the glands on the vulva, the exterior of the female genitalia containing the labia and clitoris, produces some marginal lubrication of the vaginal opening, the majority of the fluid is produced through the increase of blood flow in the vagina that occurs during sexual arousal. When this occurs a large amount of blood is sent to the vagina and surrounding area, the pressure from the increased blood flow to these blood vessels causes plasma to seep through the vaginal wall in a process known as vasocongestion. This liquid is largely responsible for the lubrication of the vagina during sexual arousal and is called vaginal transudate or vaginal lubrication as most people call it.

Use this tag when the media posted contain some visible lubrication fluid from a female genitalia.

Do not use pussy_juice, use this tag instead.

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