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  • Japanese:(名無し、ななし)[Nanashi]. If a character's name is not in English, provide the name in its native language along with its romanization. For Japanese words with Kanji, provide a Hiragana or Katakana rendering.

A one-line summary of the character and his/her origins goes here. Be sure to mention which copyright (anime, manga, game, etc.) the character is from.

Sometimes, you may want to use a list.

  • Lists can help illustrate a concept which may be too thick to read when explained in a single paragraph.
    • Nested lists are good for pointing out exceptions.
    • However, lists may be overkill if they get too long.
  • Remember, always leave a blank line between the first item in a list and its parent paragraph, or you'll get one too many bullet points!

Try to include only basic information necessary for visually identifying a character. Many good pages will have far less text than this template. Spoilers should be avoided. Most of the time it is possible to write about a character without spoilers. In the extremely rare cases where it is absolutely necessary to include text that may be a spoiler,

use the spoiler tag!

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  • External links are links to pages beyond Danbooru. They are placed under the External links heading. Save the See also section for Danbooru Wiki pages only!
  • Wikipedia is a popular place to refer readers.
  • Remember, always leave a blank line between a heading and the nested paragraph, or the paragraph will disappear!