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Pictures depicting the act of sexual intercourse. Only use this tag for actual vaginal or anal penetration. Don't use it for oral sex, paizuri, fingering or other acts that don't involve penile penetration. When tagging images with this tag, be sure to also add whether it's vaginal and/or anal to denote which type of sex is being portrayed.

If tentacles are involved, use tentacle sex instead. While objects other than a penis would fall under anal object insertion or vaginal object insertion, tentacles apparently fall under their own category as they are not considered immobile objects, yet are not considered penises either. Artists often portray tentacles performing the same function as a penis, hence the need for this third category. The rules for vaginal and anal would still apply here.

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fellatio, tekoki, doggystyle, horse, cunnilingus, rough sex, armpit sex, underwater sex, interracial sex, sleep sex, sleeping sex, angry sex, scary sex, safe sex, family sex, inseki, real people, sex, anal penetration

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penetration, multiple tails, sex acts

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