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Rea Sanka (散華 礼弥 Sanka Rea?)
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida
Rea is the heroine of the story who steals and drinks some of the zombie potion made by Chihiro in an attempt to commit suicide because of years of sexual abuse by her father. She fails in the attempt, but she resurrects as zombie when she accidentally falls of a cliff and dies. As a zombie, she lives together with Chihiro in order to know how it feels to become free from her father's chains. In chapter 12, she does some gestures and calls Mero "Mero-chan", similar to how Mrs. Furuya was remembered by Mero. She likes Chihiro and feels like she is bothering or interrupting Chihiro and Ranko's relationship, although later Ranko encourages her that she should try harder, and does so, albeit with embarrassment. She seems to understand Bābu and is also revealed to be so far the only zombie that Jogorō and Darin have seen to defy her instincts at the 2nd stage of zombification, possibly due to her having drunk the medicine before dying (which Darin suggested that no other zombie has done). She's also physically strong, since her body is no longer restrained by her brain as a result of her death. Her name is a pun on "sangria", the Japanese title of "Zombi 2"

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