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Nude is the lack of clothing and underwear on a person, especially on the sexual parts.

When to use the tag NUDE:

  • (of course) when a person is fully exposed, wearing no clothing or underwear.
  • when clothes are worn on only the arms, legs, head and/or neck as long as the body is uncovered, for example as in socks only.
  • in the case of severely torn clothes, and more generally when clothes are no longer able to fulfill their duties.
  • when the sexual parts are hidden from the perspective of the viewer, but not from the majority of other angles. See also: convenient censoring.
  • when accessories or other non-clothing items are worn without primary clothing. Examples include jewelry, belts, and bdsm ropes.
  • when clothes being worn are almost totally removed.

When NOT to use the tag NUDE:

  • when there are clothes that cover any major inner parts, such as pantsu, a bra or a jacket.
  • when clothes made to cover the sexual parts are being worn even if said parts are still visible, such as with transparent clothing or with garments that are slitted, unbuttoned, or opened.
  • when anything that hides the sexual parts from normal viewing angles can be considered as a garment, otherwise use the tag: covering breasts or covering crotch.
  • in special cases where a single garment is worn but not intended as a cover for the body, such as in naked apron, or naked overalls.

The tag nude by definition implies all tags that describe a naked part of body, so there is no need to use them in addition. like:

Related tags include:

In some cultures, nudity is considered a way of life, called nudism. In others, nudity is considered taboo and called exhibitionism when practiced outside or in public.

Parent of the following tags:

completely nude, socks only, shoes only, naked garment

Child of the following tags:

states of dress

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