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Denotes an image with males only, or with particularly strong focus on one or more male subjects. Should not be used to denote simple male presence so as to allow users to block this tag to avoid male-only themed posts. For example, posts tagged with shota or yaoi should usually also have this tag as they are overwhelmingly male subject-centric, but posts tagged with straight shota should not.

Child of the following tags:

hyuuga nobuyuki, mikami arashi, ogawara ryouhei, amagami kouichi, inusaki souta, vali lucifer, houzouin inshun (ikkitousen), asano shinichirou, sirzechs lucifer, arthur crypton, shino naoki, handa shouta, takarabe higashigo, kouda makiyoshi, howard el bridget, makurazaki shusui, louis l. bridget, kaoru seo

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