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Jade Dragon's personal journal and blog

aka Melchizarius
and the Jade Dragon

The ORIGINAL Art and Hobby Blog of returns as its own page
(Mature viewers only - the only designated "mature" blog on the site)

Art includes but not limited to anime, hentai/ecchi art, general cartooning, CG art, inspirational art and other original works. Also fiction writing.

Original characters include Nyrva Dragonwood (elf), Mychelle Blackwood (Felinian/Catgirl), Raechelle Greentree (elf), Shadowmere (unicorn), Myriah (unicorn) and several others. Specializes in anime she-elves and catgirls.

Some crossover art as well - Nyrva Dragonwood gets KO'ed Gaia's General Mayhem, etc.

The site also deals with general hobbies including but not limited to figure painting, modification, polymer clay sculpting, video games, computing, cyber security, macintosh computing (specalizing in Power PC Macs), Linux, and other hobbies.

Plus crazy crossovers with action figures! Captain Picard vs Darth Vader! Darth Vader vs the Borg! Tron vs Cham Cham, the Micro Machines Fantasy: Klingons vs the Empire, Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation gives Darth Vader a PILEDRIVER! Gandalf the Grey, and a slu of ohers!

Figure shots in general including Nowa from Queen's Blade, Legend of Lemnear, Darth Vader. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cham Cham,, Tron, Full Metal Panic, Bome Jungle Emmy and many others.

Nyrva Dragonwood serves as his primary "icon" character and the "poster girl" for Oslaania.Net.

Some nudity, however unlike the original site blog, is "R" rated, "soft core", not hard core material. No "X" rated material. Some images including full character nudity however may be featured.

REPUBLISHED -- Extensive post on the real "How to Draw Manga" books and avoiding the knockoffs.


A second posting now includes a focus merely on the Japanese "Draw Manga" books and cool Anime books that discuss now rare, and out-of-print must-have titles for the would-be collector to score on eBay, Amazon and the like!

Additional directories and sites may be included as the site overhaul progresses. is back online after a brief "hiatus" and site revamp.

The official website of his original character Nyrva Dragonwood and other related characters. Relating to the art and fiction surrounding the characters.

The site has converted to PG rated - No adult material.

Nudity will no longer be featured on in compliance with site policy. ( is the parent site)

The Jade Dragon Gallery

The Jade Dragon Gallery returns as the only designated portal on for "mature" content. This will be the one and only place on the entire website where uncensored content is allowed from now on.

Comments are being allowed from site visitors for the time being on an experimental basis to allow user feedback. (If people abuse it or post a lot of spam, trackbacks, etc this feature will be disabled)

The rest of will remain a PG-13 site. This will be the only designated portal for mature content, and then for artistic nudes only. Hard core sexual content will no longer be featured. Nudes only. (no elf cunnilingus, elf sex, "blow jobs", etc.)

Enthroned Zine - online eZine - spiritual considerations.
Once a print fanzine over 12 years ago, now returns as an eZine.!/NyrvaDragonwood

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nyrvachan (a derivative of "Nyrva Dragonwood" - to promote the character)!/NyrvaDragonwood