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On the upload page you will find the selections File, Source, Tags, Parent, Rating, and Upload. These selections are detailed below in a step-by-step guide on uploading.


Click on the button marked Browse and double click a file (image, flash game, etc.) you wish to upload. Its source code will appear in the file box. You may only upload one file at a time.


Type into the source box the URL of the website that is the source of the file you are uploading, i.e., either the website where you found the file or the website which you would like to reference. For example, the website of the artist who created the file.

If you know the artist but do not know the URL of his/her website, you can click on Artists above to search for the artist's name, click on it, and find the URL of his/her website (marked "URL").

Take note of the information found in Forum #7693, which can help you to locate the highest quality version of the file you intend to upload.

A direct link to the image file can be used in this field. This will prompt the website to fetch the file located at the URL and upload it. Uploading like this can avoid potential issues with your computer altering metadata in the image. If you use this method, please edit the post after uploading to change the source link to the page that the file is found on, rather than leaving it as a direct link to the file.

For example, leaving the "File" field empty while adding as the "Source" will fetch the highest resolution version of "reallycoolimage.png" from Twitter. After clicking upload, this source should be updated to to reflect the page it came from. This should be done for all sites except Pixiv, for which Sankaku Complex links the source page automatically.


Type into the tag box the tags, separated by spaces, that describe the file you are uploading. Add an underline between multiple words of a tag; otherwise those words, separated by spaces, will each become a tag. For example, "brown_hair" would be an appropriate tag for an image of a character who has brown hair.

If you're not sure which tags to use, you can click on Tags above to find and search through a list of tags. The same rule about using the underline between multiple words of a tag applies to the Tags search box, and every search box on Sankaku Channel for that matter.


Type into the parent box the ID number of the parent post, i.e., the number at the end of a post's URL. For example, the pool [Over Drive] 1999 Calender has the ID number 185 at the end of its URL.

Find Similar / Duplicate

Next to the parent box is a button that finds posts that look very similar. If it finds one that is visually identical, and your file is of equal or lower resolution, do not upload. If it finds one with minor differences, or in the same theme by the same artist, add that post as the parent. Failure to check for duplicates can result in your post not being approved. It is OK to leave the parent box blank if and only if the Find Similar function does not find any posts that look similar.


Refer to help:_ratings.


Click on the button Upload and you will be redirected to the uploaded file. If there are any errors (like if you forget to add a file), you will be redirected to an error page, and should click on your browser's Back button to try uploading again.

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