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星井美希(ほしい みき)

One of the main characters of the Idolmaster series, introduced in the Xbox 360 version of the original Idolmaster game.
A dyed-blonde 14-year-old idol from 961 Production's "Project Fairy" along with Ganaha Hibiki and Shijou Takane, having defected from 765 Production (as of the DS game Dearly Stars) due to her dissatisfaction with her handling. It is shown that Miki joins 765 Production, along with Hibiki and Takane, in the Idolmaster anime. Laid-back but brilliant, Miki is very popular with males, and believes in an easy way to becoming the top idol.


  • Birthday: November 23
  • Age: 14 → 15
  • Height: 159cm → 161cm
  • Weight: 44kg → 45kg
  • BMI: 17.4 → 17.3
  • Measurements: 84-55-82 → 86-55-83
  • Cup size: F
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hobbies: Bird watching, talking with friends → talking with friends, nail art
  • Seiyuu: Hasegawa Akiko (長谷川 明子)
  • Theme color: light green (fresh green)
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