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Pools are groups of posts with a common theme. They are similar to favorites with three important differences: public pools allow anyone to add or remove from them, you can create multiple pools, and posts in a pool can be ordered. This makes pools ideal for subjective tags, or for posts that are part of a series (as is the case in manga).

The interface for adding and removing pools resembles the interface for favorites. You can click on Add to Pool from the post's page. You will be redirected to a page where you can select the pool.

If you are importing several posts into a pool, this process can become tedious. You can instead click on the "Import" link at the bottom of the pool's page. This allows you to execute a post search using any tag combination you would normally use. Remove any posts that are irrelevant to the pool, then finish the import process.

Pools can be private or public. A private pool means the creator is the only person who can add or remove from it. In contrast, public pools can be updated by any user.

To remove a post from a pool, go to the pool's page and select the Delete Mode checkbox. Then click on the posts you want to delete. This works similarly to how posts are deleted from favorites.

Pool guidelines:

Pools are intended for the following purposes:

  • 1. Series of posts which belong in a set and may need to be ordered (for example, the pages of a manga). These pools should have their type marked as "Series".
  • 2. Collaboratively edited collections of posts following a specific (and specified in the pool description or title) theme. These pools must be set to "Collection".
  • 3. Personal collections of favourites. These pools must be set to "Collection".

Series are subject to tight moderation, the posts added to these pools should exclusively be those related to the set. Themed collections may also be moderated, with posts not fitting the theme to be removed. Contents of personal collections are entirely up to user discretion, although for full control over what appears in the pool it should be made a "private" pool.

Other reasons pools may be removed include being abandoned, empty or set as the wrong type.