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A device used to insert liquid into the anus. Enemas typically come in three basic forms: the traditional enema of a bag with a long tube that uses gravity to feed the fluid, a bulb with a nozzle or short tube, or a wide syringe.

Traditionally enemas are used in medical applications to cleanse the rectum for examination, but they are used as well in fetishism and bdsm for both cleansing and as a torture/punishment tool.

While typically water is the fluid used for enemas, other fluids such as milk or air can be used depending on the application. Most enemas cause minimal if any physical change, but larger enemas can result in a minor stomach bulge.

Extreme cases:

Depending on artist, enema art can also feature scat, although in most cases any expulsion depicted only features the fluid that was injected. As well, some artwork can depict extremely large bulges resembling pregnancy in size.

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