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Anti-Spoiler Policy

Spoilers are bits of information which may prematurely reveal dramatic plot twists in the storylines of any game, anime, manga or canon.

Care must be taken that all spoilers be avoided entirely in any discussion or comment, whenever possible. In the rare event where spoilers must be discussed in a conversation or comment,

obfuscate everything with a spoiler tag!

Types of Spoilers to watch out for
  • Dual Persona and Relationships. This is common plot device where a mysterious character is revealed to be the main character's family, companion or even the main character itself.
  • Alternate Forms or Final Forms of a character.
  • Storyline Twists, especially those involving tragic death or loss of a prominent main character.
  • Outcomes of Love Interests must be kept secret from those who are yet to arrive there on their own.
  • Solutions to Puzzles on posts which double as puzzles.
Steps to keep Spoilers Secret
  • Dual Persona must be regarded as two separate characters at all times!
  • Post Specific
    • Some artworks or artist commentaries reveal sensitive and important parts of a storyline.
    • Such image uploads must be tagged with the spoilers tag. (Caution: Spoilers in link)
  • On the Forum and Comments
    • Avoid discussing any potential spoilers wherever possible.
    • In the event it is required to hold discussion where spoilers will be revealed,

obfuscate all potential spoilers with the spoiler tag!

  • In the Wiki
    • Keep information about characters and copyrights to the bare essentials.
    • Only reveal just enough information to provide a brief overview of just the premise of a character or copyright.
    • Wiki articles should be just detailed enough to generate interest in the character or copyright. Nothing more, nothing less.