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Using Sankaku Channel, you can search for images that fit specific conditions such as displaying certain characters, objects, and actions. Enter your search from the posts page. Sankaku Channel will return posts that contain all of the tags used in your search. You can find posts that fit any one tag instead by adding a tilde before each tag (i.e. ~tag1 ~tag2).

Separate each tag with a space

Use underscores to mark spaces in names and phrases.
Example: white_background suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuuutsu
---Notice each tag (white_background and suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuutsu) is separated by a space.

Exclude up to four tags from your search by adding a minus sign before the tag

Example: touhou -remilia_scarlet

Filter your search by content rating

Use the following keywords to filter the rating of your results:

  • rating:safe - posts which are rated safe for work
  • rating:questionable - posts with questionably rated content
  • rating:explicit - posts with sexual or other explicit content (NSFW)

Exclude a specific rating by adding a minus sign. (-rating:e) For more information on ratings, see help: ratings.

Bring high quality posts to the top

Use 'threshold:#' to search for posts that meet or exceed the specified rating, between 1 star and 5 stars. (threshold:4)

Use order:quality to sort results based on score, views, and times favorited.

Use order:popular to sort by quality and post age.

You can also sort results by resolution (order:mpixels) orientation (order:landscape / order:portrait), random order (order:random) and recent comments (order:recently_commented), just to name a few examples.

Advanced Search Guide

For a complete list of search tools, see help: advanced search guide.

Video Uploads Guideline

Videos can be uploaded with or without sound. The supported formats are WebM, MP4, OGV and SWF. Uploaded videos must have a size under 256MB and a length of under 5 minutes.


tag1 tag2
Tags a post with tag1 and tag2.

Replace spaces in tags with underscores.

tanaka_rie soryu_asuka_langley
Use LastName FirstName order for characters with Japanese last names, or characters with full Chinese or Korean names. Middle names always follow the first name.

john_smith akira_ferrari tony_leung
Use FirstName LastName order for characters with non-Asian names, or characters with Japanese first names but non-Asian last names, or characters with non-Asian first names but Chinese last names.

Prefix a tag with general to remove any type. The prefix will be dropped when the tag is saved.

Prefix a tag with artist: to type it as an artist. The prefix will be dropped when the tag is saved.

Prefix a tag with character: (or char:) to type it as a character.

Prefix a tag with copyright: (or copy:) to type is as a copyright. Copyright tags include things like anime, manga, games, novels, or original doujinshi works.

Rates a post as questionable. This tag is discarded after the rating is changed.

Sets the post's parent id to 1234. This tag is discarded after the parent id is changed. If the parent id is the same as the post id, then the parent id will be cleared.

Adds the post to the "Maria-sama ga Miteru Manga" pool. This tag is discarded after the post is added to the pool. Make sure to replace spaces with underscores. If the pool with the given name doesn't exist, it will be automatically created.

Adds the post to pool n.10.

Removes the post from pool n.10.

Comments & Forum

post #1000
Creates a link to post n.1000.

comment #1000
Creates a link to comment n.1000.

forum #1000
Creates a link to forum post n.1000.

pool #1000
Creates a link to pool n. 1000.

[spoiler]spoiler text[/spoiler]
Marks "spoiler text" as a spoiler.

[*[link to this page]*] (Without the **)
Creates an internal link to the wiki page with title "link to this page".


<tn>translation note</tn>
Styles "translation note" as a translation note.