Terms of Service

By accessing or making use of this service in any way the user agrees to abide by the Terms of Service laid out in this document, and must cease all use of the service should such agreement be withdrawn.

Content Guidelines

In particular, users should refrain from uploading the following images:

  • Underage pornography: Any sexual depiction of minors.
  • Watermarked: Any image where a person who is not the original copyright owner or creator has placed a watermark on the image. This includes "macro" or "motivational" images.
  • Poorly compressed or resized: Please do not upload overly compressed images, or images not in the highest resolution or quality available.

Additionally, any images uploaded must be tagged with several relevant tags wherever possible.


All uploads are the full responsibility of the user, and the service provider shall not be held responsible for material uploaded by any user.

The user takes full responsibility for their use of this service and absolves the service provider of any responsibility or liability arising from its use.

Prohibited Conduct

The user agrees to refrain from any Prohibited Conduct, listed below:

  • Accessing or uploading any depiction of sexual, violent, deviant or criminal conduct which violates common standards of decency, constitutes obscenity, or is in contravention of any other pertinent law or ordinance.
  • Accessing or uploading any material which infringes upon the intellectual property rights of another party.
  • Accessing or uploading any material where so doing constitutes a crime in the user's jurisdiction, or would impose any legal liability or other sanction on the service or other users.
  • Any act which imposes excessive burden on the servers or administration of the service, or which could potentially cause such burden directly or indirectly.
  • Harassment, bullying, calumny, violation of privacy, or any act liable to cause unwarranted discomfort to another user.

The service provider reserves the right to remove or restrict access to any account, data or other material in connection with prohibited conduct or such other reasons as may be deemed applicable, or when legally required to do so.

Intellectual Property

The user agrees to accept that any applicable legal complaint directed against content accessible through the service be subject to handling consistent with the terms of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act where appropriate.

The user grants complete and unlimited rights to use any data uploaded or created on the service as the service provider sees fit, to the extent permitted by law and without prejudicing the intellectual property of any third party in the case of uploaded data, or the user should they be the creator or copyright holder.


These terms may be subject to revision at any time, and by agreeing to them at any time the user agrees to be bound by any such subsequent revisions to the extent governable by law.


By clicking on the "I Agree" link or by continued access of this service, you indicate acceptance of these terms.

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