super mario bros. mario (series) princess peach piranha plant robutts high resolution very high resolution large filesize patreon reward paid reward 1girl ass back bag bare back bare shoulders bed blonde blue eyes bodysuit breasts choker cleavage reach closed mouth clothes pull condom condom wrapper crown curtains curvaceous day earrings elbow gloves female female only female solo fishnets from behind gloves half-closed eyes handbag hands up huge ass indoors jewelry large breasts lingerie lips lipstick tube long hair looking at viewer looking back medium breasts mirror on bed print legwear pulled by self seductive smile sitting smile solo stained glass starman (mario) sunlight thong underwear vanity table white gloves

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1 month ago

I love the small details that the artist used in the background. Note the purse in the bottom left: It is based on a piranha plant, but the 'mouth' is where the zip is.
Simple things that are well-designed like that are interesting to me, especially since it can fit right into the series lore.

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