fate (series) pokemon fate/grand order pokemon (game) fire emblem pokemon sun & moon fate/apocrypha pokemon (anime) pokemon black & white pokemon x & y pokemon ruby sapphire & emerald fire emblem: kakusei pokemon diamond pearl & platinum pokemon black 2 & white 2 pokemon omega ruby & alpha sapphire pokemon sword & shield nintendo game freak creatures (company) protagonist (pokemon) may (pokemon) hilda (pokemon) dawn (pokemon) lillie (pokemon) trial captain serena (pokemon) rosa (pokemon) astolfo (fate) moon (pokemon) cynthia (pokemon) aether foundation mallow (pokemon) skyla (pokemon) lusamine tharja (fire emblem) female protagonist (pokemon swsh) eudetenis high resolution large filesize artist name company connection 1boy 6+girls apron arms behind back ballgag bandana barefoot baseball cap bdsm beanie belly beret black armwear black footwear black gloves black hair black legwear blindfold blonde blue eyes blue hair blush bondage boots braid breasts brown eyes brown hair cape chibi cleavage coach coat collar couch curtains dominatrix double bun elbow gloves eyebrows feet female flower gag gagged gloves green eyes green hair hair bun hair flower hair ornament hat improvised gag jacket lace large breasts legwear long hair lucine-chan male matching hair/eyes medium breasts midriff milf miniskirt multiple girls navel painting picture frame pink hair pink skirt pokemon character ponytail purple eyes red hair red skirt riding crop room rope saliva shirt short hair shorts skirt slave small breasts smile socks stomach sunglasses sweat sweater take your pick tanned tape tapegag thigh boots thighhighs tied hair twintails very long hair vest whip white legwear white socks window yellow skirt contentious content loli trap

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2 months ago

That's a lotta tags.

2 months ago

Pokepornist said:
That's a lotta tags.

Sure is. That's what happens with generous crossovers. The time people put into tagging.

1 month ago

If Cynthia is sold, then that's a hard one... I'd take Lillie I guess.

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