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spice and wolf horo kawakami rokkaku high resolution very high resolution censored large filesize mosaic censoring portrait format 1boy 1girl animal ears ass bangs bare arms barefoot bare legs bed bent elbows big eyes black eyelashes blunt bangs blush breasts brown ears brown eyebrows brown hair brown tail buttocks apart completely nude dark brown eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair face feet fellatio female female focus fluffy tail furry tail hand on another's head hand on head head back hetero hips indoors kneeling legs light-skinned long hair looking at viewer looking up lying male male pov male pubic hair nude on bed oral penis penis grab pov pubic hair purple eyes red eyes saliva sidelocks slender slender arms slender legs slender shoulders slender thighs small ass small breasts solid-color hair solid-color skin solo focus straight hair sweat tail teenager thighs tight ass twisted torso viewed from above white tipped ears wolf ears wolf girl wolf tail

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