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spice and wolf horo kawakami rokkaku high resolution very high resolution censored photoshop portrait format 1girl animal ears areolae arm support ass bangs bare ass barefoot bare hips bare legs bent elbow bent knees big eyes blunt bangs blush bottomless breasts brown ears brown eyebrows brown hair brown tail clavicle crotch :d dark brown eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair feet female female only female solo fluffy tail furry tail hair over breasts hands head tilt hips indoors leg drawn in legs light-skinned long hair long sleeves looking at viewer navel nipples no bra nude open mouth paipan pink nipples pink tongue pink trim presenting presenting self presenting vagina purple blouse purple eyes purple top purple trim red eyes shirt shirt lift sidelocks sitting sitting on object sitting on table sleeves past wrists slender slender legs slender shoulders slender thighs small ass small breasts smile solo spread legs stomach straight hair table tail teeth thighs tongue in top lift vagina viewed from front white teeth white tipped ears white tipped tail wiast wolf ears wolf girl wolf tail contentious content decensor request

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