vampirella basement comics vampirella (character) heroineaddict high resolution censored artist name dated 2017 1girl adapted costume areolae arms at sides arms up bare arms bare shoulders belly bikini black boots black footwear black hair black shoes blood blood on face blood splatter bloody hands boots bracelet breast grab breasts breasts out of clothes breast squeeze cameltoe clothes clothing cloudy costume cowboy shot curvaceous detached collar earrings erect nipples exhibition exhibitionism eyebrows eyelashes eyeliner eyeshaow fangs female female focus female only fingernails floating floating hair fog footwear full moon functionally nude grabbing grabbing own breast grey eyes grey skin groping hair between eyes high collar highleg highleg leotard hips human jewelry large breasts legs leotard lips lipstick long hair looking away looking to the side looking up makeup mascara medium breasts micro bikini midriff mist monster monster girl moon moonlight nail polish navel night night sky nipples nose nude open mouth o-ring o-ring bikini outdoors pale skin pale-skinned female presenting presenting self public public nudity red bikini red leotard red lips red lipstick red nails red swimsuit revealing clothes sharp teeth shoes signature skimpy skimpy clothes skin tight sky sling swimsuit solo solo focus standing stomach superhero superheroine swimsuit thigh boots thighhighs thighs tight tight clothes vampire very long hair white skin

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