fate (series) fate/grand order fate/apocrypha fujimaru ritsuka (female) astolfo (fate) wu zetian (fate) kaenuco kaenuko (kaenuco) comic > < 1boy 2girls arms up asymmetrical hair black legwear black panties black skirt black underwear blush braid brown eyes brown hair bulge cape chinese clothes clenched hands crossdressing :d dress fang female garter straps hand to own mouth hanfu kimono laughing lifted by another lingerie long hair long hair trap long sleeves male multiple girls ojou-sama pose open mouth otoko no ko pantsu pantyhose pink eyes pink hair pointing ponytail purple dress purple eyes purple hair ribbon sash scrunchie shawl shirt short hair side ponytail single braid skirt skirt lift smile thighhighs tied hair trap twintails underwear very long hair wafuku white shirt wide sleeves

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