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nintendo fire emblem fire emblem: kakusei fire emblem: awakening dual persona my unit (fire emblem: kakusei) tharja (fire emblem) my unit male my unit (fire emblem: kakusei) female my unit (fire emblem: kakusei) x-teal2 crimeglass anoncolorz simple background white background text monochrome 1:1 aspect ratio greyscale uncensored character name artist name english text speech bubble english watermark video game character sheet web address colorization collage /// 1boy 1girl 2girls <3 abs adapted costume afterimage areolae ass ass grab bangle bangs bare shoulders belly bisexual bisexual (female) biting black bodysuit black gloves black hair black leotard blue cape blue eyes blunt bangs blush bodystocking bodysuit book book hug book (object) book stack bottomless bracelet breast press breasts bridal gauntlets bridal gloves cape chibi chibi inset choker circle circlet cleavage cleavage cutout clitoris closed mouth clothed female nude female clothed female nude male clothed sex clothes clothing completely nude costume covered breasts covered navel cowboy shot cropped legs cropped torso crossed legs cunnilingus curvaceous dat ass diadem dripping semen drooling erection erect nipples erect nipples under clothes eyebrows visible through hair eyelashes eyeliner eyes closed eyeshadow facial fantasy fellatio female female focus fire flame flat color floating hair full-face blush functionally nude gauntlets gloves gorget hair ornament hand to own mouth hand up headdress head out of frame head tilt headwear heart highleg highleg leotard hime cut hips holding holding book holding object human in profile jewelry kneeling large ass large breasts large penis legs legs together leotard light-skinned light-skinned female light-skinned male light smile lingerie lips lipstick long hair looking at viewer looking back looking down lower body magic makeup male mascara midriff motion blur multicolored multicolored clothes multiple girls multiple views nakadashi naughty face navel neck ring nipples no pupils nose blush nude :o o o open book open mouth oral out of frame pantsu parted bangs partially visible vulva patreon username pelvic curtain penis penis biting puffy areolae raised eyebrows saliva semen semen in mouth semen on body semen on breasts semen on hair semen on tongue semen on upper body sequential sex short hair shoulder pads sideboob sidelocks silver hair sitting skin tight skirt smile solo focus spoken heart spread legs standing stomach swept bangs symbol-shaped pupils tassel thick thick thighs thighlet thighs thong tiara tied hair tight tight clothes toned tongue tongue out topless torn torn bodysuit torn clothes twintails two side up underwear upper body vagina veins veiny penis wavy mouth wedgie white hair wide hips x-ray

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