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- oh, this smell! could it be that you didn't wash it?
- ......yes, because you told's better that way
- i see, you didn't wash it for my sake, and kept it smelly and dirty like i said!
that's so cute!
okay, i'll get it clean right away
*gapo*, *drool*
- no wait, you really don't understand do you?
- ohh your cute flaccid penis is out, it looks delicious
- haa, i have a stupid aniki who gets delighted pulling out his younger brother's flaccid penis from his pants
- good good, now let's get it hard and big
- don't go stroking your younger brother's cock without permission, don't peel the tip and touch the urethra!
konron androgynous brown eyes brown hair bulge camisole flaccid flaccid penis floor lingerie long hair looking at viewer lying penis shorts trap underwear translated

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