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- what is it, what are you looking at
- you, you're wearing such an outfit
- i think i'm free to wear any kind of outfit i want
- mmm...cute
- huh? what are you saying to your younger brother, aniki
that's insane you know
- I, i love this kind of clothes, haven't we talked about it the other day?
- so what?
- ah...i see! you did it on purpose for my sake!
- no way!
- you're not being honest. if you say it to me, i'll always love you
- i'm telling you it's not like...that!
- your face is all red, that's cute
- knock it off
- this swollen bulge is irresistible
- don't touch me
- ohhh, your hair smells good like always
look, your white skin is tempting
- don't cling to me, hey let go
- it's your fault, with such an outfit exposing your defensless figure
konron androgynous brown eyes brown hair bulge camisole floor lingerie long hair looking at viewer lying shorts trap underwear translated

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