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league of legends sona buvelle ashe (league of legends) pentakill sona kerasu high resolution uncensored 1boy 2girls alternative hair color arms behind back bdsm black nails blindfold blue eyes blue lipstick blush bondage breasts bukkake cumplay ejaculation facial female femdom gokkun kneeling large breasts large penis licking lips lipstick long hair makeup male multiple girls nail polish nipples nude open mouth penis pentakill presenting presenting another red hair restrained semen semen in mouth semen on body semen on breasts semen on fingers semen on hands semen on upper body semen string silver hair smile tattoo tekoki tongue tongue out trembling penis

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2 years ago

Reverted the tags to say Sona_Buvelle again, rather than Katarina_du_Couteau. The picture displays Sona in her Pentakill outfit, as proven by the tattoo on her upper right arm.

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