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3 years ago

This needs to be animated!

3 years ago

is so romantic ToT

3 years ago

Makes me sad that there aren't more pics under the romance, romantic, and love tags.

3 years ago

who put tag:siblings here and why do you think so?

3 years ago

I read the Source there is no evidence that this is incest.

3 years ago

This is ridiculously sexy. Seriously all-star piece of work.

3 years ago

thisispatrick said:
who put tag:siblings here and why do you think so?

Seriously, you don't know why? It helps fetishists get off. Have you not noticed the hundreds and hundreds of pictures that get tagged one specific tag by one person? They do it because the tag they apply is usually their fetish and that's how they see/want to see the images.
A lot of them are "loli". Even here, while not the best example, someone's done it.

3 months ago

There is no evidence they are siblings. Even on the creators pixiv page, there is no mention or tags to say they are siblings.

furry guy
1 month ago

really? is THIS loli?? o.O?

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