pokemon pokemon mystery dungeon pokemon character pokemon species pikachu eevee oshawott snivy tepig piplup chikorita bulbasaur squirtle charmander cyndaquil torchic zorua mudkip totodile vulpix meowth litwick treecko turtwig sneasel axew chimchar buneary togepi riolu shinx ralts mareep cubone hoppip buizel vanillite dratini budew teddiursa azurill munchlax cleffa larvitar yamask deino (pokemon) venipede larvesta nidoran abra sandile archen gible gothita bagon mienfoo tyrogue purplekecleon high resolution very high resolution long image tall image very tall image extremely tall image ^ ^ :3 bird blue eyes brown eyes creature expressionless eyelashes eyes closed face fangs green eyes looking at viewer looking away no humans one eye closed pointing red eyes smile tail-tip fire turtle whiskers wink yellow eyes

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