fate (series) fate/stay night fate/zero fate/extra fate/strange fake saber tohsaka rin gilgamesh illyasviel von einzbern matou sakura archer emiya shirou kotomine kirei saber extra lancer lancer (fate/zero) emiya kiritsugu rider waver velvet irisviel von einzbern rider (fate/zero) tohsaka tokiomi caster archer (fate/stay night) caster (fate/zero) uryuu ryuunosuke assassin (fate/zero) enkidu (fate/strange fake) gae dearg sola-ui nuada-re sophia-ri assassin (fate/stay night) female assassin (fate/zero) enkidu starshadowmagician star shadow magician high resolution wallpaper long image english wide image 6+boys 6+girls ahoge albino armor armored dress bangle beard black eyes black hair black jacket black legwear blonde bob cut bow bracelet breastplate breasts brown hair caliburn cape chibi cigarette cross crossed arms curtsey dark skin dress ea (fate/stay night) epaulettes excalibur eyes closed facial hair faulds female forest formal frown fur hat fur trim gauntlets greaves green eyes green hair habit hair bow hair ornament hair ribbon hand in pocket hands together hat holding hands hug hugged from behind jacket jewelry leaf long hair male maple leaf medium breasts multiple boys multiple girls nature necktie one arm up one eye closed open mouth orange hair outdoors own hands together pants ponytail puffy sleeves purple eyes purple hair purple jacket raglan sleeves red eyes red hair ribbon see-through serious short hair skirt small breasts smile smoking solid circle eyes stubble suit sword thighhighs tied hair tight tight pants transparent clothes tree twintails underboob weapon white hair wink yellow eyes young younger zettai ryouiki

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