(Not To Be Continued)
Okay, I get it. I'm sorry, really! Now listen, point your butt over here.
You're still light-headed from the fever, so it's dangerous to sit up so quickly. Sheesh, everything's hanging out for the world to see...
I--Idiot!! There's no way I can say something like that! More importantly what in the world do those PORNO SCRIPTS and suppositories have to do with each... ah...
Good, now say "XXXXX that XXXX right up my XXXX, dirty XXX!"
I can't hear you. Say it louder.
I--I beg of you. Please... put it in...
Just go ahead and try it. If you don't then this will never end.
Why? I shouldn't have to say something like that!
Then try saying "I beg of you. Please put it in."
Sayaka, are you still not finished yet...?
(S--she's being kind of cute... In that case...)
Ah! Sorry, I'm sorry.
W--what are you doing!? Don't touch me in weird places...
(Kyouko's being strangely...)
D--don't stare too much...
Good, good! Well, I'm going to put it in.
I t--took them off...
Of course. Now hurry up.
Huh? Take them off!? My panties too?
What? You don't know how to put one in? In that case I'll do it for you so take off your skirt and panties.
B--but... I've never used something like that before...
That's right. They do a good job of reducing fevers.
Huh? Suppository!? Those... umm... those are the ones that go in your butt, right?
Look, here's a suppository. Put this in then get some rest.
Let me check... Hold on! You've got a serious fever! Let's get you over to the infirmary!
Hey, Sayaka. Ever since this morning I've been spacing out and feeling a little light-headed.
mahou shoujo madoka magica miki sayaka sakura kyouko mizushima (p201112) 1:1 aspect ratio 2girls ass blue eyes blue hair blush bow fever hair bow hair ornament multiple girls :p red eyes red hair school uniform short hair suppository tongue tongue out wall of text wavy mouth bad id translated

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