fate (series) gundam fate/stay night fate/zero tsukihime star wars gundam age mahou tsukai no yoru fate/unlimited codes the lord of the rings fate/tiger colosseum type-moon saber tohsaka rin matou sakura rider arcueid brunestud tohno akiha saber lily kohaku ciel hisui aozaki aoko tohno shiki yumizuka satsuki rider (fate/stay night) ciel (tsukihime) kohaku (tsukihime) saber lion guntank takeuchi takashi keikenchi keiken atai text official art japanese language japanese text crossover parody airplane april fool's day avalon (fate/stay night) blonde bow cherry blossom crown cyber energy sword female fighting flower food galaxy glowing glowing sword glowing weapon hair bow hair ornament hat headband jet jewelry kimono lightsaber long hair mecha moon purple hair ring sky star (sky) sword tied hair traditional clothes twintails wafuku wand weapon witch hat

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