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touhou the embodiment of scarlet devil remilia scarlet izayoi sakuya flandre scarlet patchouli knowledge hong meiling koakuma fancy takahero high resolution very high resolution large filesize | | :< 1girl animal slippers asymmetrical hair barefoot bat wings blonde bloomers blue hair blush book box braid character doll cheek pull chest child container crescent curtains dog slippers dress shirt eyes closed fancy winged flandre feet female flat color forest full moon grey hair hair ornament hair ribbon hat hat ribbon head wings long hair megane midriff moon nature navel night no pants no socks open clothes open mouth open shirt outdoors pettanko pointed ears ponytail purple hair red eyes red hair ribbon shirt shoe dangle shoes short hair side ponytail silver hair single shoe sitting sitting on object skirt skirt set sky slippers solo star stuffed character tied hair twin braids underwear unusual colored wings vest window wings

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