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Kuh! This'll be the last time I act as assistant instructor! This year I definitely want to see these girls’ sex-places! Something good without my hands...

(Translation Semi-Unsure On First Two Sentences, VERY VERY Unsure On Third - "Blind Idiot Translation")

How is it that they’re unconcerned with showing each other their nakedness but have no interest in each other…

(Translation Unsure)

No, well... Isn't it good that I'm healthy...? Why... Haha...
Hold it, Kakeru. You can show that ugly thing to stupid Misaki, but you can’t tell the instructor.

(Translation Unsure)

Look, look! Isn't my cock the best one here?
Even though Kyōko-chan wasn’t like that, nowadays she never hides her front~

(Translation Unsure)

As one would expect, shyness sprouts in the upper grades, especially amongst the girls, who hide themselves, except…
The influence of the gender-free education and teachers’ organization in my hometown has resulted in all-naked boys & girls learning being common in the suburbs.
original nounanka (abubu) 2boys 2girls 3boys 3girls ball black hair blonde blue eyes blush boy harem brown eyes brown hair dark skin dark-skinned female dark-skinned pettanko dark-skinned shota erection eyes closed fang female grin hetero loli long hair male multiple boys multiple girls navel nipples nude one eye closed open mouth penis pettanko sholicon short hair shota smile straight shota tied hair twintails vagina wink translation request

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