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vocaloid hatsune miku wokada (takouji) 4:3 aspect ratio censored animated animated gif !! ? 1girl abs aqua eyes aqua hair armpits arms up bare shoulders bikini bikini pull bikini top blurry blush breasts capri pants clenched teeth cloud denim depth of field embarrassed eyes closed fist fit shape grass green hair grin halterneck hand to own mouth jeans leaning forward lens flare lips long hair looking at viewer looking away looking down midriff motion blur nail polish navel :o ocean open fly open mouth pants pull pantsu panty pull pubic hair sandals shiny shiny skin shirt lift shorts sideboob skindentation skull and crossbones slide show smile solo surprised sweatdrop swimsuit toenail polish tree tree shade twintails underboob underwear undressing unzipped very long hair viewfinder zooming in

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