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We- Well, since they've put on my make-up, I think I [/they*] want to start the coming of age ceremony~

*TL Note: It does not explicitely state who wants to start, but it is not unlikely for Japanese to "announce" that they'd like to start (something) in this manner.

It is normal for the boy here not to get an erection when he sees a naked girl, but whether it's because we're going to do it after this, or whether it's because a white girl like me is unusual, he's having an erection...

I'll ask him which it is afterwards~
It also seems that the number of Manyufuhi girls who get pregnant with this ceremony isn't small...
This kid is my partner Bakkosa-kun.
Actually, if I think about it, even though it's just having sex, it's a little... No, I'm quite nervous ♥
I'm in good condition so I think it'll be fine, but because the chance isn't 0, I might become pregnant?
It seems that they don't have a custom of using contraceptives, so in accordance (to this custom) there won't be rubber (a condom) or the pill this time...
Um, I think I largely understand it, but having sex with a boy of the same age is the coming of age ceremony ♥
Today it was decided that to help father's research I would experience the coming of age ceremony of the "Manyufuhi" people ♥
Brother, how are you-?
It has been a while ♥
It's Aileen! ♥
Is it filming?
original nounanka (abubu) 1:1 aspect ratio 1boy 1girl blonde blue eyes blush bodypaint brown eyes brown hair dark skin dark-skinned male duo erection female heart hetero interracial jewelry loli long hair male navel necklace nude open mouth paintbrush penis pettanko sholicon shota single earring speech bubble spoken blush spoken heart standing straight shota sweatdrop testicles tied hair tribal twintails vagina waving translated check translation

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5 years ago

Translation added. Man, I probably shouldn't have spent so much time on this. It isn't that hard to understand, but translating always takes some time. >_<

Only one additional TL Note: I am not sure about my translation for "かなりき"; I translated かなり, but the き remains untranslated. If anybody knows what it means in this context, feel free to send me a message. Beyond that, enjoy.

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