so you can concentrate on service and development.
Right, you can deallocate the hardware control,
Feel like putting up another server?
But, if it’s so convenient, that must mean it’s expensive…
Please tell us more!
By all means!
So we can change the server or buy more memory if we want!
Ah, okay~
Azure is always ready for amendments to CPU, storage, or server, right?
The future, you say?
Ah, wait! Won’t it be a problem in the future if we need to upgrade?
Oh you…
Now that you mention it, I was thinking about what to do that time when Nanami-chan pulled out the server’s power cable…
Even if it’s necessary, you can log in with Remote Desktop.
With a script you can use it, and automatically at that, so there’s no need to travel to the hardware, right?
I'm afraid we don’t have the server on hand…
I see…
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